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by Jason Krupp and Julia Ammons Owners, Essence Kitchen + Bar

Essence Kitchen + Bar is the flagship restaurant run by, husband-and-wife team Chef Jason and Julia. Essence is a full-service restaurant with wait staff who are hospitable, friendly and knowledgeable.

The décor is simple-but-elegant incorporating rich woods, live plants, a comfortable atmosphere and contemporary setting with soft lighting.

The menu is carefully crafted and features sustainable seafood, quality beef, free-range chicken, seasonal vegetables and sides, as well as unique small plates, pastas, salads, burgers and sandwiches. The chef-crafted seasonal menus offer classic favorites as well as innovative dishes made with the freshest ingredients and highest quality.

Along with exceptional cocktails and craft beers, the wine list highlights women-owned wineries and winemakers to support the advancement of women in the beverage industry and sustainably focused wineries.

Essence works closely with high school and college students, providing an opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge in the culinary arts, hospitality and service industry with hands-on experience and an avenue to explore their skills and craft.

They support students in their restaurant careers, providing them with employment and internships to meet their career goals. Additionally, Essence provides an avenue for the students to volunteer at their complementary veteran’s luncheon that takes place every other month.

They also support our community with fundraisers to help local youth and veterans and school sporting teams. Essence’s annual spaghetti dinner provides backpacks filled with school supplies donated by the Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation and are picked up at the restaurant during the month of August.

Essence is a contributing member of the Chino Valley community and partners with the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and Lioness Club on local outreach programs and fundraisers.

Essence’s mission is to inspire creativity, while nurturing the craft of the industry and share it with the community.

Photography by Kyle Ammons

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